Final Thoughts

This semester has went by so quickly, That being said I have learned so many things about social media especially looking back on my first blog post.

I learned that social media can be very beneficial for business as it is essentially a free marketing tool. This is not the only thing I learned about social media tools, I have realized that there are a lot of positives and negatives to using social media.

Another important fact about social media is how important it is to have your name portrayed on it, in a positive way. what i mean by this is a few different things, first you must use these tools or sites to get your name out their for potential employers to see you in a positive light, which means you need to go on the sites and use them in a way to promote yourself as an out going, hard-working employee. Another reason a person must make sure to get on these social media sites early is to obtain their user names, so that others can not claim it. The reason this is important is because future employers may be  looking for you on a social media site and see your name with inappropriate comments and it could cost you a job. This also means, to obtain the right image you not only have to keep yourself up to date but have to be sure no one else is posting stuff of you as well and it may not be appropriate.

All in all I feel I still have a good grasp on social media, what it is and the benefits of it for personal use and for business. I can confidentially walk away from my SMET class knowing that what I have learnt can take me to a new level in my future career and because there are so many baby boomers that are managing companies and have not had the privilege of learning what I have learnt in SMET, they will need someone like me to show them the ropes and get caught up.


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