Measuring Success

This week we are writing about tools that measure your impact in the social media world. Companies have a varied amount of participation in social media whether it be a simple Facebook account to a wide array of different tools working together. The question is, how do we know which is better? Well there are many tools out there that measure this for you. They range from media tool specific to over all impact. When used to analyse your website or Twitter usage they often return measurable numbers and tips to increase efficiency in one area or another. Below I will look at three different tools and list some pros and cons for each.

Let’s start off with Google Analytics. Google Analytics offers a verity of tools that you can use to measure the amount of traffic to your website or social media sites you use, and uses real time activity as it happens. The great features offered are My Dashboard that calculates daily visits, traffic types, and time on site by country.The standard reporting option allows business’ to monitor the measure of impact of social media. Google Analytics is a benefit for businesses so they can monitor the outreach their websites and social media sites are getting. They can see exactly what needs improvement on their sites and who they should be targeting so they can spend more time on their customer’s needs opposed to uploading content that customers are really not responding to not to mention its free to use.

The next social media measurement tool I will look at is called HootSuite. HootSuite looks simple and easy to use. you can easily manage multiple profiles and a company can keep track of all tweets and posts that use their name. This is huge for real time analysis of ones social media impact. When it comes to analytics this tool spits out graphs and charts like nobodies business. It can break down and chart every little detail from how many users, comments, interactions to what viewers appear to engage in more often and even the average amount of time a user even spends viewing your page. The main downside to this tool is that for many features there is a cost.

Sprout Social was the last website I chose to research. It allows you too monitor your brand and competition across social channels and the web, connect with highly targeted customers through their Discovery tools and it measures your success. Their pricing depends on wether you want standard deluxe and premium it is a bit expensive but also well worth the money if you want to go the distance for your business. The pros of using Sprout Social is that you can keep track of your social media success in an organized fashion and connect with customers and it also lets you have a 30 day trial run to test it out and see if it is up to your standards and what you’re looking for.  In the end it a good website to check out if your interested in keeping track of your popularity.

After researching multiple sites and finding my top three, I’ve found them all to be a great way in providing you with feedback on your demographic. Some are definitely better than others, but all have distinct reasoning behind everything you choose to select when emerging through social media and creating a positive trend for yourself. Staying successful is key to being successful and without the use of social media and the advantages that follow behind that, there is no use in believing you will succeed unless there is proven attempt followed through with it.


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