Footprint in Pavement

Today in life your digital footprint means more than it seems. A digital footprint Is basically the image one portrays themself as online. For instance the photos someone posts on Facebook can seem quite harmless until there is one of you and your friends drinking, in which case can lead to someone losing a job or even a job opportunity. therefore your digital footprint is very important and is something that should be updated and checked regularly.

Some ways I plan on enhancing my digital footprint are updating all my profiles, I will go on Facebook and all the other sites I have an account on and update my information and be sure to go through all my photos and posts to make sure it isn’t vulgar in any way or can be off putting to any possible future employer. Also I would check all of these frequently and be sure that no vulgar photos go up or anything rude or bad is said. Lastly I am going to give myself more of a professional look. I’m going to make sure that everything I post in the future will not reflect on my name negatively. One step I can take towards maintaining a “good look” is to never write anything while I am mad.

All in all I believe that your digital footprint is very important and therefore I have already begun to take the steps I’ve mentioned towards making myself look more business appropriate. It is important that others do the same because these days it’s all about what has been put online about yourself including the stuff you yourself have added. Your first impression is no longer the way you behave at an interview but what the employer can find about you on the internet.




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