Ho Ho Ho Technology…

Businesses everywhere are changing to adapt to today’s technology and make everything to the customers standards. On Mashable I found an article called “The Force Is Strong With These Star Wars Flash Drives” by Christine Erickson. The article is about flash drives that are made up to be star wars characters. These days it isn’t only about having what you need and it working, but now its about having what looks the coolest. Nowadays you can find just about anything that’s turned into some sort of character from your favorite childhood show such as mickey mouse head phones or an Ipod dock. As well as Winnie the Poo. Honestly anything you can think of it is pretty much out there ready to be bought. http://mashable.com/2012/11/04/star-wars-flash-drives/

My second article is from Social Media Explorer called “Becoming a social business isn’t just for social media” by  ILANA RABINOWITZ. This article is mainly about how businesses need to use a social approach to their business. It is all about the employees and customers. They need to treat both with greater care and respect. according to Ilana in a business it is important to develop a culture where employees, customers and management behave more like community rather then one is on a higher level then another. Throughout the article it explains that in order to advance your business you need to build a relationship with your employees as well as your customers. 

My third article is from TechCrunch.In called, “Facebook Admits Too Much Facebook Probably Isn’t Healthy” by Josh Constine. TechCrunch is a news site mainly focused on the technology side of social media. This article caught my eye because it is all about relating Facebook to birthday cake. Who wouldn’t be interested? the reason they say this is because Facebook can be good in moderation but too much can be addicting and is not healthy. There are some people who can not go without social media. I have seen it first hand and many like to blame only teenagers because we grew up with it as well as younger generations but the older generations have been strung into it as well. Social Media has become an addiction rather then something to do in spare time. One day we won’t be comparing it to cake but we’ll be comparing it to the film Wall-E. 


In conclusion, while reading through various articles I saw some of the positive and some of the negative. I do believe that technology is an important part of today’s business world as well as just a part of life for things like interacting with far away relatives and friends. I also believe we have begun to take it too far. How long before interaction becomes skyping or face time? 



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