Pawsitively Perfect

This week in Social Media we discussed the use of online videos, mainly youtube, and the positive effects it can have for a business if used properly. We were asked to give the guidlines of how we would use a short video to promote a fictional business, Pet Pawsitive. There are many ways to advertise a company through online videos but I believe the best way to promote Pet Pawsitive is by incorporating demontrations and customer feedback and involvement would be one of the most effective way to use online videos. In this post, I will describe how I would create an online video for Pet Pawsitive.

For starters I would shoot the video at one of the locations and try to have a more personal feel to the video by bringing in the staff, have lots of feed back, personal opinions, demonstrations of the employees with the animals. I would provide an overview of our services and products, such as animal education, obedience classes, rehabilitation, holistic pet foods, and a variety of training supplies. I would inform the audience that we do not sell animals, but we work closely with local shelters and humane societies and be sure to have all contact information play throughout the video.

I would follow it up by showing the differences between Pet Pawsitive and our competition. I would have local customers come in and share their experience with Pet Pawsitive and why they think it is the prefered choice when it comes too buying necessities for your animals and the needed training.

I think these videos would be sucessful because they incorporate all of the products that are sold at Pet Positive as well as all of the helpful accommodations and what they do to help out the animal community and the locals. At the end of the video will be all of the store locations and information and any organizations we work with.


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