Some people may argue that using twitter and blogging are pointless especially in the business world. I believe it is all about the methods you use. Most businesses just use it for advertising and promoting whatever is new or on sale. Often what businesses don’t do is go the distance and take the time to talk to the customers that have tried to contact them or even say a simple thanks.

I’ve decided to write my blog on Best Buy, it was a random choice but I do like their business and what they provide. I went on their twitter account and read through some posts and saw the kind of feedback they receive and I also checked out other businesses twitters for comparison and I found that Best Buy uses twitter for typical things such as advertising and promoting their products but they also take in feedback and communicate with the people who write to them. A lot of tweets I saw was mainly “Loving my new (blank) thanks Best Buy!”. Best Buy responded to these tweets with a simple “thanks” and “glad you’re liking it”.

All in all, I think Best Buy is doing a great job and keeping customers interested and happy with what they sell. In comparison to some of the other businesses I followed up on I find they were the ones who satisfied the customers needs. 


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