Blogin’ ’bout blogs

The organization I decided to write my blog about is FIFA. The reason I chose this is because I am facinated by soccer. It is my favorite sport of all time and I could watch game after game. I have never been onto FIFA’s blog before but I found it to be quite interesting.

They use all sorts of different ways to advertise the world cup such as photographs, videos, video games, and blogging of course. To some it may seem like they have chose a bad way to advertise mainly because of one post I had seen. This post was on the FIFA 2012 games being created by two different gaming companies. The reason this may seem bad is because they have shown the bad qualities of the games but I believe doing this was a good choice because it makes the customers more interested. You would think that a pointing out the bad parts of the game would be a bad idea but in reality it is not because now everyone wants to see which game is better. Therefore many people will either choose their prefered company or quite possibly buy both games just because they love soccer as much as I do.

I believe that honestly there is no way to go wrong when advertising soccer or any sport really, mainly because peoples love for sports will never end. I can honestly say that what negative comments I read will not stop me from buying the game and I’m sure I will love it all the same. FIFA has a wonderful blog and they’re very up to date on all their information and that is what is most important because the customer always whats to know what’s going on.


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