My Knowledge on Social Media

Social media is an important part of todays business world. Over the years media has been fast aproaching, there are few businesses that aren’t already using the media to get the word out and promote themselves.

Social media is often used for advertising products or services as well as social networking. The reason it is so commonly used is because there are so few people that are using it today. It is a great way to keep in touch with either family or friends. Sometimes social networking and media can be a problem mainly because we are becoming so familiar with using this method of communication that it can sometimes be hard for someone not to be socially awkward. I also think it can be a good thing because without it a lot of people wouldn’t be able to get in touch with friends from school and sometimes even family that live at a distance.

Social media is vastly growing around the world and if you want to become a part of the business world you have got to be open to using networking as an advertising method. Just because social media is basically a must in the business world does not mean that it has to be your focus 24/7 and I believe social interaction is still a very important part of our lives today you just need to know how to balance the two together.



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