Final Thoughts

This semester has went by so quickly, That being said I have learned so many things about social media especially looking back on my first blog post.

I learned that social media can be very beneficial for business as it is essentially a free marketing tool. This is not the only thing I learned about social media tools, I have realized that there are a lot of positives and negatives to using social media.

Another important fact about social media is how important it is to have your name portrayed on it, in a positive way. what i mean by this is a few different things, first you must use these tools or sites to get your name out their for potential employers to see you in a positive light, which means you need to go on the sites and use them in a way to promote yourself as an out going, hard-working employee. Another reason a person must make sure to get on these social media sites early is to obtain their user names, so that others can not claim it. The reason this is important is because future employers may be  looking for you on a social media site and see your name with inappropriate comments and it could cost you a job. This also means, to obtain the right image you not only have to keep yourself up to date but have to be sure no one else is posting stuff of you as well and it may not be appropriate.

All in all I feel I still have a good grasp on social media, what it is and the benefits of it for personal use and for business. I can confidentially walk away from my SMET class knowing that what I have learnt can take me to a new level in my future career and because there are so many baby boomers that are managing companies and have not had the privilege of learning what I have learnt in SMET, they will need someone like me to show them the ropes and get caught up.


Measuring Success

This week we are writing about tools that measure your impact in the social media world. Companies have a varied amount of participation in social media whether it be a simple Facebook account to a wide array of different tools working together. The question is, how do we know which is better? Well there are many tools out there that measure this for you. They range from media tool specific to over all impact. When used to analyse your website or Twitter usage they often return measurable numbers and tips to increase efficiency in one area or another. Below I will look at three different tools and list some pros and cons for each.

Let’s start off with Google Analytics. Google Analytics offers a verity of tools that you can use to measure the amount of traffic to your website or social media sites you use, and uses real time activity as it happens. The great features offered are My Dashboard that calculates daily visits, traffic types, and time on site by country.The standard reporting option allows business’ to monitor the measure of impact of social media. Google Analytics is a benefit for businesses so they can monitor the outreach their websites and social media sites are getting. They can see exactly what needs improvement on their sites and who they should be targeting so they can spend more time on their customer’s needs opposed to uploading content that customers are really not responding to not to mention its free to use.

The next social media measurement tool I will look at is called HootSuite. HootSuite looks simple and easy to use. you can easily manage multiple profiles and a company can keep track of all tweets and posts that use their name. This is huge for real time analysis of ones social media impact. When it comes to analytics this tool spits out graphs and charts like nobodies business. It can break down and chart every little detail from how many users, comments, interactions to what viewers appear to engage in more often and even the average amount of time a user even spends viewing your page. The main downside to this tool is that for many features there is a cost.

Sprout Social was the last website I chose to research. It allows you too monitor your brand and competition across social channels and the web, connect with highly targeted customers through their Discovery tools and it measures your success. Their pricing depends on wether you want standard deluxe and premium it is a bit expensive but also well worth the money if you want to go the distance for your business. The pros of using Sprout Social is that you can keep track of your social media success in an organized fashion and connect with customers and it also lets you have a 30 day trial run to test it out and see if it is up to your standards and what you’re looking for.  In the end it a good website to check out if your interested in keeping track of your popularity.

After researching multiple sites and finding my top three, I’ve found them all to be a great way in providing you with feedback on your demographic. Some are definitely better than others, but all have distinct reasoning behind everything you choose to select when emerging through social media and creating a positive trend for yourself. Staying successful is key to being successful and without the use of social media and the advantages that follow behind that, there is no use in believing you will succeed unless there is proven attempt followed through with it.

Social Media Strategy

Introduction: Extreme Promotional Materials is a company that supplies customized uniforms and promotional materials. For the last 15 years they have been coming up with new and creative ways to serve its customers needs to establish a positive relationships. A social media plan will allow us to keep on track with our ideas, know who our target audience is, create a vision of what we want to say about our business and where we want to take it, once we take action within the social media platform.

Mission: To create a social media plan so that we can create a more informative way to communicate with our customers, allowing us to know what they want and need from our business and how we can supply the demand of the growing market.

Vision: We would like to increase the ammount of our potential consumers, and keep updated with them through social media on a regular basis in order to gain access to their needs.


  • access better communication with our customers.
  • provide better access to our products.
  • hear about problems quicker and solve them as soon as possible.
  • expand our company.
  • create a better relationship with our consumers.

Key Message: We want to build a good relationship with our customers, expand our business across Canada, become more informed on our consumers and be up to date and aware of any problems that may occur.

Our Target Audience: Our current customers are predominantly small to medium-sized businesses and school and community sports teams. By using social media Extreme Promotional Materials is trying to reach clients with a need for customized products to support their team, business, company, brand, etc. We are also looking to expand the company outside of Eastern Ontario to gain more opprotunities and to improve as much as possible.

Social Media Tools: Extreme Promotional Materials’ Facebook page will allow us to use social media tools to better their online business. By uploading photos of previous work they are showing what they are capable of and hopefully catching the eye of future customers. By posting status’ and photos daily they can keep their clients up-to-date on new products, services, deals, discounts, contests, upcoming and current projects, and events.Customers can like or comment on the posts to give feedback which then Extreme Promotional Materials can take into consideration and learn from it.

Conclusion: We are a business that offers personalized products to our customers; we need to stay focussed on the customer service aspect of the social media platform. We will be leaving the resonsibility of social networking up to one individual and they will know and follow the outline provided to him/her. Our strategy may change to adapt to the improvement of our business and we will consider feedback from our employees as we do our customers.

Footprint in Pavement

Today in life your digital footprint means more than it seems. A digital footprint Is basically the image one portrays themself as online. For instance the photos someone posts on Facebook can seem quite harmless until there is one of you and your friends drinking, in which case can lead to someone losing a job or even a job opportunity. therefore your digital footprint is very important and is something that should be updated and checked regularly.

Some ways I plan on enhancing my digital footprint are updating all my profiles, I will go on Facebook and all the other sites I have an account on and update my information and be sure to go through all my photos and posts to make sure it isn’t vulgar in any way or can be off putting to any possible future employer. Also I would check all of these frequently and be sure that no vulgar photos go up or anything rude or bad is said. Lastly I am going to give myself more of a professional look. I’m going to make sure that everything I post in the future will not reflect on my name negatively. One step I can take towards maintaining a “good look” is to never write anything while I am mad.

All in all I believe that your digital footprint is very important and therefore I have already begun to take the steps I’ve mentioned towards making myself look more business appropriate. It is important that others do the same because these days it’s all about what has been put online about yourself including the stuff you yourself have added. Your first impression is no longer the way you behave at an interview but what the employer can find about you on the internet.



Ho Ho Ho Technology…

Businesses everywhere are changing to adapt to today’s technology and make everything to the customers standards. On Mashable I found an article called “The Force Is Strong With These Star Wars Flash Drives” by Christine Erickson. The article is about flash drives that are made up to be star wars characters. These days it isn’t only about having what you need and it working, but now its about having what looks the coolest. Nowadays you can find just about anything that’s turned into some sort of character from your favorite childhood show such as mickey mouse head phones or an Ipod dock. As well as Winnie the Poo. Honestly anything you can think of it is pretty much out there ready to be bought.

My second article is from Social Media Explorer called “Becoming a social business isn’t just for social media” by  ILANA RABINOWITZ. This article is mainly about how businesses need to use a social approach to their business. It is all about the employees and customers. They need to treat both with greater care and respect. according to Ilana in a business it is important to develop a culture where employees, customers and management behave more like community rather then one is on a higher level then another. Throughout the article it explains that in order to advance your business you need to build a relationship with your employees as well as your customers. 

My third article is from TechCrunch.In called, “Facebook Admits Too Much Facebook Probably Isn’t Healthy” by Josh Constine. TechCrunch is a news site mainly focused on the technology side of social media. This article caught my eye because it is all about relating Facebook to birthday cake. Who wouldn’t be interested? the reason they say this is because Facebook can be good in moderation but too much can be addicting and is not healthy. There are some people who can not go without social media. I have seen it first hand and many like to blame only teenagers because we grew up with it as well as younger generations but the older generations have been strung into it as well. Social Media has become an addiction rather then something to do in spare time. One day we won’t be comparing it to cake but we’ll be comparing it to the film Wall-E. 


In conclusion, while reading through various articles I saw some of the positive and some of the negative. I do believe that technology is an important part of today’s business world as well as just a part of life for things like interacting with far away relatives and friends. I also believe we have begun to take it too far. How long before interaction becomes skyping or face time? 


Pawsitively Perfect

This week in Social Media we discussed the use of online videos, mainly youtube, and the positive effects it can have for a business if used properly. We were asked to give the guidlines of how we would use a short video to promote a fictional business, Pet Pawsitive. There are many ways to advertise a company through online videos but I believe the best way to promote Pet Pawsitive is by incorporating demontrations and customer feedback and involvement would be one of the most effective way to use online videos. In this post, I will describe how I would create an online video for Pet Pawsitive.

For starters I would shoot the video at one of the locations and try to have a more personal feel to the video by bringing in the staff, have lots of feed back, personal opinions, demonstrations of the employees with the animals. I would provide an overview of our services and products, such as animal education, obedience classes, rehabilitation, holistic pet foods, and a variety of training supplies. I would inform the audience that we do not sell animals, but we work closely with local shelters and humane societies and be sure to have all contact information play throughout the video.

I would follow it up by showing the differences between Pet Pawsitive and our competition. I would have local customers come in and share their experience with Pet Pawsitive and why they think it is the prefered choice when it comes too buying necessities for your animals and the needed training.

I think these videos would be sucessful because they incorporate all of the products that are sold at Pet Positive as well as all of the helpful accommodations and what they do to help out the animal community and the locals. At the end of the video will be all of the store locations and information and any organizations we work with.


Some people may argue that using twitter and blogging are pointless especially in the business world. I believe it is all about the methods you use. Most businesses just use it for advertising and promoting whatever is new or on sale. Often what businesses don’t do is go the distance and take the time to talk to the customers that have tried to contact them or even say a simple thanks.

I’ve decided to write my blog on Best Buy, it was a random choice but I do like their business and what they provide. I went on their twitter account and read through some posts and saw the kind of feedback they receive and I also checked out other businesses twitters for comparison and I found that Best Buy uses twitter for typical things such as advertising and promoting their products but they also take in feedback and communicate with the people who write to them. A lot of tweets I saw was mainly “Loving my new (blank) thanks Best Buy!”. Best Buy responded to these tweets with a simple “thanks” and “glad you’re liking it”.

All in all, I think Best Buy is doing a great job and keeping customers interested and happy with what they sell. In comparison to some of the other businesses I followed up on I find they were the ones who satisfied the customers needs. 

Blogin’ ’bout blogs

The organization I decided to write my blog about is FIFA. The reason I chose this is because I am facinated by soccer. It is my favorite sport of all time and I could watch game after game. I have never been onto FIFA’s blog before but I found it to be quite interesting.

They use all sorts of different ways to advertise the world cup such as photographs, videos, video games, and blogging of course. To some it may seem like they have chose a bad way to advertise mainly because of one post I had seen. This post was on the FIFA 2012 games being created by two different gaming companies. The reason this may seem bad is because they have shown the bad qualities of the games but I believe doing this was a good choice because it makes the customers more interested. You would think that a pointing out the bad parts of the game would be a bad idea but in reality it is not because now everyone wants to see which game is better. Therefore many people will either choose their prefered company or quite possibly buy both games just because they love soccer as much as I do.

I believe that honestly there is no way to go wrong when advertising soccer or any sport really, mainly because peoples love for sports will never end. I can honestly say that what negative comments I read will not stop me from buying the game and I’m sure I will love it all the same. FIFA has a wonderful blog and they’re very up to date on all their information and that is what is most important because the customer always whats to know what’s going on.

My Knowledge on Social Media

Social media is an important part of todays business world. Over the years media has been fast aproaching, there are few businesses that aren’t already using the media to get the word out and promote themselves.

Social media is often used for advertising products or services as well as social networking. The reason it is so commonly used is because there are so few people that are using it today. It is a great way to keep in touch with either family or friends. Sometimes social networking and media can be a problem mainly because we are becoming so familiar with using this method of communication that it can sometimes be hard for someone not to be socially awkward. I also think it can be a good thing because without it a lot of people wouldn’t be able to get in touch with friends from school and sometimes even family that live at a distance.

Social media is vastly growing around the world and if you want to become a part of the business world you have got to be open to using networking as an advertising method. Just because social media is basically a must in the business world does not mean that it has to be your focus 24/7 and I believe social interaction is still a very important part of our lives today you just need to know how to balance the two together.